Hole # 1
A short PAR 5/4 with a brook in play off the tee. Greenside bunkers and a deep swale protect this green.

Hole # 2
A very good PAR 3 with an undulating green. The front right bunker comes into play often.

Hole # 3
PAR 4 A short par 4 with a fairway bunker on the left. A large bunker protects the right side of this shallow green.

Hole # 4
PAR 5/4
 with 2 water hazards that come into play. You can decide whether to go for it or lay up as you approach the green.

Hole # 5
A short PAR 3 with O.B. right and long of green. Short, but not an easy green to hit.

Hole # 6
A straight PAR 4 with narrow green guarded by front left bunker.

Hole # 7
A mid-length PAR 3, but you can not see the putting surface. You must carry over a ravine to a green that is guarded by a bunker.

Hole # 8
A short iron PAR 3 with a large bunker fronting the green.

Hole # 9
A medium / long PAR 4 with a hidden brook approximately 225 yards off the tee. 2nd shot from downhill lie to a 2-tiered green surrounded by bunkers.